Craft News: Leisure Arts advocate Diamond Art as the next new meditative craft

According to Leisure Arts, the next new meditative craft is the Diamond Art.

Read the press release.

Dazzling Summer Looks.

Dazzle Your Home Decor

Craft Unique Throw Pillows in Just a Few Easy Steps

You may have already heard (because it’s awesome and super relaxing), but Diamond Art by Leisure Arts is the next new meditative craft.

Very similar to Adult Coloring, you dazzle a beautifully pre-printed canvas and watch as 13-faceted gems transform your space with glitter and glam.

We think that Diamond Art goes beyond just a scroll on a wall too, and can be made into everyday items like handbags, phone cases or in this post, a sparkling pillow!

Read on for a tutorial on how to use some DIY magic to make a one of a kind throw pillow with your dazzling canvases.

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