Craft News: Poser 11.2 includes tribute to artists {Simon Schild (Simon-3D),  StudioArtVartanian (Joanna)}  lost too soon–   Renderosity

According to a post by Renderosity, Poser 11.2 software includes tributes to artists {Simon Schild (Simon-3D) and StudioArtVartanian (Joanna)} who are dead.

Read the press release.

Poser 11.2 includes tribute to artists lost too soon

When the new Poser 11.2 update was in development, Poser Content Manager Jenn Blake (who also doubles as Renderosity’s marketplace manager) had a few products in mind when she started putting the product bundles together.

She knew she wanted some good poses, scenes and props.

“I wanted some great La Femme content included with our Poser Pro 11 update as well as some original content that has been created by Renderosity vendors like 3Dream, Blackhearted, and other recognizable names who have provided some great content over the years,” Blake said.

So she worked with vendors, all of whom donated the content, to compile more than $800 in content, which is included with the Poser Pro 11.2 release.

“They generously donated all of that content to help Poser be attractive to users and to give back to the Poser community they love and want to see flourish. Many of the vendors who donated content simply love Poser and those that use it,” Blake said.

Two of the featured vendors, StudioArtVartanian and Simon-3D, are well-known in the Renderosity community but tragically died young.