Copyright War: Rukus in the Crafting Industry and Create & Craft Facebook page as Sheena Douglass tries to appeal to crafters to trust her while playing the “hate card” and pointing fingers to the craft group who exposed her copyright infringement

Although most crafters have counted their losses, moved on and decided not to buy anything with Sheena Douglass name on it and also support any company who sells her work due to the losses the crafters suffered in the copyright war, this interview (YouTube link to the full video is available below) has opened fresh cans of worms and wounds. The fire which was quenched is being fanned to flame again. #TheCrafterSuffersInCopyrightWar

The silent-majority crafters are fighting with their purse as not to buy Sheena Douglass products due to her copyright infringement case.

After she returned to the Craft TV, Create & Craft TV to be precise in June 2019, Crafter’s didn’t take it likely and decided to probe her works to prevent the crafters left with more copyright infringement goods.

It was found out that she traced stock images- the proof was found when her rubberstamps collections were overlain with the stock images, lines matched lines and detailed lines were omitted. You can read the previous post here.

However, in this interview (YouTube link to the detailed video below), she did with Matthew MacNamara who recently left Hochanda TV for Create and Craft TV on the 3rd August 2019, she said that a certain group keeps saying that she traces images and many more.

Oh well, it is being discovered that the group she referred to, is the one that exposed her copyright infringement and discovered 70 plus images that she infringes the copyright on, BBC Merlin and Vogue Sewing pattern were amongst these( You can read about them in the previous post here).

Most crafters do give their handmade greeting cards to charity to raise funds for their beloved charity. The crafters were delighted when the copyright infringement came to light because it saves them,  their beloved charity and those selling their cards from breaking the law and being in trouble with Trading Standard.

In the comment section, Crafters used the opportunity to mention the picture of two children feeding their chicken whose image was turned into stamps without consent and the photographer, Marco Fiorilli for speaking up as Sheena Douglass took his works too and stated that it was hers.

Some crafters stated that she would have just made her apology and not try to play the “hate card” or blame the group that exposed her copyright infringement.

Very few crafters show support for Sheena Douglass.

The group that exposed Sheena Douglass’ copyright infringement has been called all sort of names like -trolls, haters, witch hunters and many more.

Sheena Douglass released a statement when she was found out while she worked with Crafter’s Companion and sold through Hochanda TV.

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  1. I can see both sides of the story. We are talking commercial art work and the process of making it, not fine art. The same thing happened a few years ago with Ali Reeve (Stamps Away) but that was a 1:1 copy of an image made into a 3D product. The item was pulled from sale.

  2. Shocking how she blames a group for exposing her lies , you can’t apologise on one hand then blame someone else on the other .The Abuse that group members but more so the Admin have endured is disgusting . Sorry Sheena but you made your bed now you must lie in it (pardon the pun)

  3. Why many are asking now? why only now after 12 months of hiding is she making what many are seeing as a feeble excuse, well scripted apology! the damage has been done it is far too late to start shredding crocodile tears. No one as mentioned in her video ” said they hated her” only hatred was for what she had done, another false accusation to take the deflection of what she did away from her. There is a well known saying” if you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything”. (Mark Twain ).

  4. Sheena’s products come under the CC ‘umbrella’, and you would think that a multi-million pound company would have some way of checking copyright before items go into production. Plus Sheena and CC took way too long issuing an apology to both the original owners of the copyrights and to CC’s own customers. As for Sheena being ‘naive’ in not realising some images were copyrighted, well every time I’ve visited image sites their notices regarding copyright are quite obvious. Which is why I simply don’t buy any Crafter’s Companion items at all now – even selling the ones I do have on Ebay!

  5. I can’t recall anyone saying that they hated Sheena Douglass as a person but they did & do say that they hated what she did to those who trusted her.

    Her luvvie followers have been the ones who have been spouting the bile & hatred to those who have dared to show that their idol has clay feet. She was caught out last November while she freelancing for Crafter’s Companion, made a half-hearted attempt at an apology saying she had “made a mistake” then slinked off for around 6 months and then came back and did it all over again at Create & Craft. That video with Matt that was supposed to elicit some sort of sympathy for her has, for me, just compounded things rather than resolve them. As far as I am aware she has made no personal attempt at contacting those whose images she took from the internet without their permission and apologised to them for having done so.

    There were two other “designers” who also had designs sold by that company last year which were copyright infringements. One of those, Stacey Barras, apparently “forgot” to apply for licences to produce the work, copies of Victoria Nelson Christmas card designs, BEFORE she worked on them. There were also “hand drawn” claims made on her work which had line for line matches to the originals. I came to the conclusion that rather than do their own due diligence on the products they were selling, Crafter’s Companion took what these “designers” told them about their artwork as fact. Those of us who looked managed to find the original images & IP holders fairly quickly – it was not hard to do!

    I haven’t bought from Crafter’s Companion since, neither do I have any intention of doing so in the future, as their handling of this, their treatment of an original IP holder, and the problems with the dangerous Gemini metal shim (it should be recalled) have left me totally disgusted with them.

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