Digital Craft: Admired for her dazzling designs in Digital Craft, JaguarWoman Designs (Dana McNellis) shows receipts of her designing process with a stag sample

JaguarWoman Designs, Dana McNellis shows her designing process using a stag in her sample.

From the screenshot.

Stages of digitally painting my Holiday Buck, 4 years ago. At the time, I thought this was way past my skill level, it was really a stretch for me. I did it essentially as a challenge I set for myself. Now he looks a bit cartoonish and amateurish . . . but it was a triumph in dozens of small ways, where I could be thrilled that the simple focus on painting values could actually produce *something* that look like *something*.

I remember that I was very proud of myself for undertaking to follow the instructions and was able to adapt oilpainting instructions to digital painting.

Besides, I just love the animals.

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