Copyright War: Joseph Alexander Goode chronicles his journey with SANTORUS as they engage in Copyright wars

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My name is Joseph Alexander Goode. I am the artist responsible for all of the weird and wonderful creations that feature on the gorgeous SANTORUS products. Our partnership really made my art come to life in new ways and it makes me so happy that people have embraced it so warmly.
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I would also like to make public the truth about the dark turn that has occurred.

During our partnership, Santorus refused to give me any public credit for my work. Instead they wanted to take full credit for the work for themselves. Something which seems immoral and pretty upsetting for an artist, but not illegal.

I later discovered why, when Santorus decided that they would steal my already small percentage and give me absolutely NOTHING as a royalty for my work. By now they owe me a very large sum of money which they will not pay a single penny, while I struggle as the classic artist who has been screwed over. This explains why they kept me at such a distance and never used my name!

They do however, continue to sell my artwork with impunity, on dozens of very expensive products around the World, but I get nothing for this. They currently have absolutely no permission to use my work whatsoever, and the agreement we once had is long over.

Now, if I try to stop them using my artwork OR if I even try to create any products using MY OWN artwork, they have threatened to sue me for vast sums of money.

In short, they have stolen my life’s work, but I am not allowed to use it or receive any money for it (except for selling a small number of wall prints I sell). They still post my work on Instagram on a daily basis, to sell Santorus products.


Despite their threats, I have decided to legally pursue this for my own dignity. I regularly see my products in public, and it started to leave a bitter taste, knowing what they’ve done to me.
Also I have my first child on the way, and she is going to need looking after ⭐️
My wife is very stressed and upset by what Santorus have done, and by the huge legal fees we are paying – just to get the money Santorus rightly owe me according to our agreement, but what else can we do?

You hear about artists getting ripped off by ruthless industrialists, but now I can see why it is so hard for artists to stand up for themselves. I won’t go into the lies, threats and accusations over the past few years, but I guess intimidation is one way of getting what you want.

Of course, I can prove all of this legally, and all of the artwork was copyrighted way before Santorus got their greedy paws on it – they just didn’t think that anyone would risk taking them on. So, with a little good fortune, we may see some justice & the rights returned to me.

I’d like to apologise for the negative nature of this message, but we feel as small as mice and I want people to know our situation, before more lies start to emerge.

I am not asking for anything in this message – please SHARE or do whatever you see fit with this information. (feel free to follow me if you like my artwork or want to keep up with the legal battle)

Wishing you all a warm winter, thank you for listening,

The original artwork in question can be seen below;
(Please PM me for licensing or projects you might have)