Draw on your smartphone, touch up on your computer! Clip Studio Paint joins force with IbisPaint

Import drawing made on IbisPaint app to Clip Studio Paint as Clip Studio Paint shows support for the drawings made with ibisPaint app.

Read the press release.

CLIP STUDIO PAINT now supports drawings made with ibisPaint, the most popular smartphone drawing app!

Drawing made in the smartphone drawing app ibisPaint can now be exported to a computer and opened in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

With CLIP STUDIO PAINT, you can import ibisPaint drawings with their layers intact.

Here, we will explain how to open drawings made with ibisPaint in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.

Note: Please update Clip Studio Paint to the latest version to use this feature.

For details on ibisPaint, please refer to the ibisPaint official website.


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