Magazine: Affirming that future issues ( from March 2020) of its magazine will not have an accompanying CD but download link, February 2020 issue of the Practical Photography Magazine in a ‘memory recall’ on its way to newsstands

The February 2020 issue of the Practical Photography Magazine will soon be out.

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Your issue of Practical Photography is on the way

The new issue of Practical Photography is on its way! This month’s highlights include free software, new videos and landscape masterclass…

Free gifts
Get a three-month subscription to ACD See’s all-in-one Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 editing suite, watch 65 minutes of brilliant how-to videos, add colours and tones with 30 winter-themed presets, and much more!

Landscape masterclass
Step inside the minds of six of the UK’s best outdoor photographers and discover the gear, techniques and fieldcraft behind their amazing images in this huge 17-page guide to winter landscapes.

Go indoors for winter still life
Get pro results with a standard kit with this trio of ‘winter warmer’ still life projects, from ingenious ways to make your hot drinks ‘steam’ to using aperture to create beautiful bokeh.

Reader showcase
Paul Mitchell’s love of winter woodlands has resulted in a portfolio that focuses on the stark beauty of skeletal trees. Read about his favourite local haunts and the crucial role that photography plays in his life.

Know your stuff
Creating dramatic skies with ND grads, building a cheap home studio, the difference between vibrancy and saturation, switching to mirrorless, and many more of your techy questions answered.

Flash know-how
The second part of our new series by flash expert Ben Davis looks at bounce flash and how this simple technique can help you shoot more flattering portraits.

The edit
Improve your wildlife images with layers, improve winter landscapes with RAW and Photoshop, place a subject on a new background with the new Object Removal Tool, and download ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020.

Get into gear
Take a first look at the Fujifilm X-Pro3, Nikon Z 50 and Olympus E-M5 MkIII, and choose from the best high-resolution DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for the last word in image quality and features.

Due to overwhelming customer feedback and our commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging, subscription copies of Practical Photography will feature a download link only for access to all multimedia content and not a CD. This change will take effect from the March 2020 issue, on sale January 16, 2020.

We hope you enjoy the issue,

Practical Photography editorial team.

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 19th December.

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