Event: Olney Pancake Race, 25th February 2020 Market Place, Olney, Buckinghamshire

The 2020 Olney Pancake Race is taking place on 25th February 2020 at Market Place, Olney, Buckinghamshire.

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Olney Pancake Race, 25th February 2020

The next world-famous pancake race is on Shrove Tuesday, 25 February 2020.

This is an historic event that takes place every year in Olney, open only to the female residents of Olney who are 18 and over, and resident in the town for at least three months.

The event supposedly has been in existance for over 550 years, having first taken place after 1445. Please see the history pages for more details on how the event came into existance, and how it was resurrected after WW2.

Link: http://olneypancakerace.org/

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