Magazine: Themed tender buds unfold, Topics include majestic castles with a turbulent past in the shadow of Snowdonia, Landscape Magazine March 2020 issue delights on newsstands

March 2020 issue of the Landscape Magazine is out.

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Celebrate the arrival of the new season at a garden where spring sweeps in a carpet of soft colour and discover how one woman’s passion for heritage daffodils has restored a golden legacy at a Scottish estate.

In this issue of Landscape:

  • Visit a garden carpeted in soft colour as spring sweeps in
  • Enjoy sunny bakes and cheese dishes with added bite
  • Explore majestic castles with a turbulent past in the shadow of Snowdonia
  • Walk along the shifting sands of a tidal island rich in wildlife
  • Discover how a passion for daffodils restored a golden legacy
  • Meet an embroiderer who keeps alive an age-old skill in silken threads

Discover a wildlife haven along a spur of shifting sands shaped by the tides and meet an embroiderer who is preserving an age-old skill.

Enjoy baking sunny treats and make a pretty denim heart decoration from an old pair of jeans.