Me and My Home Cooking: Steak and Fried Plantain Delish

Let’s enjoy steak and fried plantain delish.

Fried ripe plantain is popularly called dodo.


*Plantain- Ripe

*Steak- diced

*Curry powder

*Seasoning cube- Maggi

*Sunflower oil

*Tomatoes puree paste


*Scotch bonnet -chilli



Step 1:  Wash and put the steak in a pot. Add one grounded scotch bonnet or chilli, salt, water, curry powder and 2 seasoning cubes. Cook the steak until tender and allow the meat stock to dry.


Step 2: Peel and dice the plantain. Fry the diced plantain in the sunflower oil.


Step 3: Put three dessert spoon of sunflower oil on a pan under moderate heat. Add the cooked steak and stir the steak in the sunflower oil.


Step 4: Add the tomatoes paste, grounded chilli or scotch bonnet, curry powder, salt and one crushed seasoning cube to the fried steak and cook under moderate heat.


Step 5: Add the diced plantain and mix thoroughly. Cook under moderate heat for 10 minutes.


Step 6: Serve the delish. The delish can be enjoyed with boiled white/ brown rice or vegetable salad.