Me & My Home Kitchen / Home Cooking: Penne Pasta and Steak Delight

Let’s enjoy Penne Pasta and steak delight.


Sunflower Oil

Pasta Sauce


Salt- Sea salt

Garden peas


Penne Pasta

Seasoning cube

Scotch Bonnet Pepper




Step 1: Wash and put the diced steak in a stockpot. Add water and a little seasoning (salt, chilli, seasoning cube) and then cook until the steak is tender. Leave no beef stock in the cooked steak. Ensure that the beef stock is almost dried in the pot.


Step 2: Put the Penne Pasta in a pot, add water, a pinch of salt, two(2) cooking spoon of sunflower oil. Cook until tender.


Step 3:  When the Penne Pasta is cooked, drain the water.


Step 4: Add the pasta sauce


Step 5: Add the diced cooked steak.


Step 6: Add the sweetcorn and garden peas.


Step 7: Stir together.


Step 8: Serve and enjoy.


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