Design Challenge: Micro Modern Quilt, Ditsy Design Examples, Pine and Mint Throw Pillows – Limited Color Palette, Faux-Textured Wallpaper  themes included in Spoonflower March 2020 Design Challenge

Spoonflower announces its design challenge themes for March 2020.

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Announcing March’s Design Challenge Themes

Micro Modern Quilt | Entries due by February 25

We know that large-scale designs work great for wallpaper and curtains, but what about for projects on a smaller scale? We’re celebrating National Quilt Month with a design challenge that will inspire you to take vibrant geometrics and funky florals to a size perfect for featuring in quilted wall art and throws. Imagine ditsy prints (small and non-directional) and whimsical, vintage-inspired elements in a scale perfect for piecing together into a quilt top.

Be sure to shrink your big ideas into modern prints at a small-scale—designs will be previewing on an 8” swatch, the ideal size for using in a hand-stitched log cabin or flying geese quilt block.

Ditsy Design Examples
(small scale, non-directional prints)

Entries will be previewed on a swatch size: 8” x 8”. Submissions close February 25 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins February 27. Winners will be announced March 5.

Pine and Mint Throw Pillows – Limited Color Palette | Entries due by March 3

For the home decor shopper, finding coordinating throw pillows can feel like a daunting task. Will this shade of blue match this shade green? This week we’re challenging you to help them find a solution in our Pine and Mint Throw Pillow challenge. Using just the shades Pine (#436464), Mint (#cbe4e4) and optional black and white, create a repeating pattern inspired by a theme you’d want to see as an accent pillow in your home. By the end of this week the Spoonflower community will be able to easily mix-and-match the winning designs to create the elevated pillow collection they’ve been searching for.

Limited Color Palette

Pine (#436464), Mint (#cbe4e4), White (#ffffff), Black (#000000)

  • Both colors in the palette above must be included in your design.
  • Black and white are optional.
  • Color variations and colors outside of this palette will not be accepted.
  • To prevent colors from shifting when uploading to Spoonflower, designs must be in the sRGB color space. Please do not create your design in CMYK.

Designer tip: While black and white are optional in this challenge, we recommend using these colors as accents to highlight the pine and mint used in your design. 

Entries will be previewed on a Spoonflower Throw Pillow. Submissions close March 3 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins March 5. Winners will be announced March 12.


Faux-Textured Wallpaper | Entries due by March 10

From professional interior designers to DIY home enthusiasts alike, one thing is certain; wallpaper is making waves in the world of home renovations. And one trend we’re seeing is a budget-friendly approach to tactile walls: faux-textured wallpaper. In this week’s challenge, we want you to reach far outside of your typical toolbox and create a repeating design that you can’t help but touch. From grasscloth to marble, it would be faux pas to miss out on this challenge!

Entries will be previewed on Spoonflower wallpaper. Submissions close March 10 at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Voting begins March 12. Winners will be announced 19.


Coming Soon! | Entries due by March 17

This extra-special partner challenge will be announced in the coming week. Stay tuned!


Weekly Prizes

Grand Prize

One Grand Prize Winner each week will receive $200 in Spoondollars. The winner will also receive additional exposure in our email newsletters and social media mentions.

Second Place

The 2nd place winner will receive $100 in Spoondollars.

Third Place

The 3rd place winner will receive $50 in Spoondollars.

The rest of the top 10

4th through 10th place winners will receive a $20 Spoondollar credit.

All of the top 50

Each of the top 50 entries, determined as set forth above, not receiving one of the foregoing prizes will be automatically proofed for sale in the Spoonflower Marketplace (approximately a $5 value) (the “Runner Up Prize”) if winners are verified sellers.


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