Magazine: A reminder that a download link instead of CD is included in the magazine, Practical Photography April 2020 issue on shutter-speed to newsstands

April 2020 issue of the Practical Photography magazine is on its way to newsstands.

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New videos, brilliant features, fascinating interviews – it must be new issue time! Here’s what’s on the menu this month…

Free gifts
The new issue includes 75 minutes of new videos, with fascinating features on creative landscape hacks, shutter speed essentials and improving skies using RAW. Plus, we’re giving away 30 portrait presets and two huge ebooks!

Visit Chernobyl
We’re delighted to introduce our first-ever photo tour, in partnership with Zoom Photo Tours. We’ll be heading to Chernobyl in September and you could join us!

25 ways to improve your portrait skills
We asked six of the UK’s best people photographers to share their wisdom and insight to help you tackle any genre, from weddings and families to fashion and fine art. Bella Kotak, Rossella Vanon and Ross Harvey are just three of the stars.

Wrong lens, wrong technique… amazing shots
Always use a wide-angle lens for landscapes, right? Wrong! We’ve compiled three rule-breaking projects to show that orthodox isn’t always best, from dramatic long-lens scenics to long-exposure portraits.

Master of commerce
Now in his fourth decade as a highly successful commercial photographer, Johnny Carr’s work has adorned sky-high billboards, glossy TV ads and glamorous hotel promos. Here he sheds light on the industry and his relentless creativity.

Know your stuff
Pin-sharp stars, low-light shooting without a tripod, large-format and key lights are just a few of the subjects covered in this month’s in-depth Q&A section.

Flash know-how
The fourth part of this essential series looks at flash modifiers and how they can be used to add an extra creative dimension to your lighting. Discover three must-have accessories and try three easy modifier projects.

The edit
Learn exciting new editing techniques, including split-toning a landscape to boost shadows and highlights, improving skies with RAW and stretching pixels to create a sense of speed.

Get into gear
Read full reviews of the Olympus E-M5 MkIII, Fujifilm X-A7 and the best secondhand cameras from just £219. Plus, find out who the big Gear of the Year 2019 winners are!

We hope you enjoy the issue,

Practical Photography editorial team.

Due to overwhelming customer feedback and our commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging, subscription copies of Practical Photography now feature a download link only for access to all multimedia content and not a CD. You’ll find the download URL on page 6 of every issue and all you have to do is enter this URL into your web browser’s address bar (not the search bar).

Once downloaded, simply double-click the ‘Click here to play’ file, sit back and enjoy the show.

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 13th February.

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