Magazine: In check & balance between country lifestyle, home décor, gardening and craft fairs, April 2020 Country Living Magazine takes its route to newsstands

April 2020 issue of the Country Living Magazine is out.

Topics in this issue include;

  • Britains best-loved festivals and fairs.
  • Renovating a ruined farmhouse.
  • Trading on eggshells: Ceramics Katie Timson creates bowls, vases and jewellery inspired by the delicate shells of some of our best-loved birds.
  • Easter parade.
  • Bring in the spring: Create decorations and displays that are inspired by the delicate beauty of the new season’s flowers.
  • Fifty years in the making: Created over half a century, this Suffolk garden bursts into colour each Spring with an abundance of unusual treasures.
  • Save our footpaths.
  • and many more.


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