Crafters take to Create and Craft Tv’s Facebook page to express disappointment on Create and Craft Tv reducing its NHS Blue Light Discount from 25% to 10%.

Create and Craft Tv has reduced its NHS Blue Light Discount from 25% to 10% and crafters are not happy about it.

From the screenshots.

Crafter 1:


Why are presenters telling people they will get 25% discount but the website is now saying 10%?

This is crazy to remove 15% worth or discounts from key workers during the corona pandemic. Why even offer it for such a small period of time???

You go and give something and then snatch it away
Shame on you. Maybe it was all just publicity-seeking in the first place.

Crafter 2: 

Very sad that the Blue Light Workers discount has been quietly dropped from 25% to 10% you really know how to reward those that are giving all at the moment.

Crafter 3:

Well C&C… I thought you were great for giving Blue light cardholders 25% off purchases… Why have you suddenly dropped it to 10% quietly????

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