Daily Art Exercise: Day 17- Lily of the Valley

Here is a digital art/ painting that I did for my daily painting exercise.

For my art exercise today, I decided to paint a lily of the valley plant using the step by step tutorial painting by Andy B. Jones in the Let’s Paint with Plaid group on Facebook(it is a public group). I will include the link below so that you can try it.

I haven’t finished yet. I wanted to show you.

Although the tutorial is not a digital painting, I created the lily of the valley painting, digitally.

I painted the lily of the valley image in Clip Studio Paint graphics software using the finger-tip blend tool, pen tool- turnip and for effect line,  a graphics tablet and its stylus.

Group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/803643753312016/

Lunch & Learn – Lilies of the Valley

Thanks for joining this week’s Lunch & Learn lesson. Inspired by Peter Carl Faberge, today Andy will share with us how to paint sweet, delicate Lilies of the Valley using FolkArt Acrylics. AND he will teach us how to use the shimmer of FolkArt Color Shift as a background on his hand decorated ostrich egg. We hope you enjoy today’s lesson!As always, we suggest that you first watch today’s lesson all the way through while interacting with us during the livestream, and then enjoy watching a second time, painting along with Andy. Also, we remind you to please share your creations with us on our Let’s Paint with Plaid Facebook page! Come on, Let’s Paint!

Posted by Andy B Jones on Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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