Including Email from Brother Europe, Brother allegedly phases out its SDX1200 and the CM900 scan’n’ cut model due to issues

A crafter posted this important information about the Brother Scan ‘n’ cut machines on the visitor’s section of Create and Craft TV Facebook page.

From the screenshot.

Reposting from another group:

I’ve had lots of e-mails asking me why the SDX1200 and the CM900 are being sold so cheaply at the moment as there” is a 4 day deal on at Create and Craft on the SDX1200.

The SDX1200 is £499 for NON-members and £449 for members. This machine was only launched FIFTEEN months ago.

If you have bought this machine, or are thinking about it, there is some important information you need to know.

First of all, this afternoon, Nigel May claimed that Create and Craft sell the entire ScanNCut range.

That’s not true – they do NOT sell the new SDX2200D – only Makers Superstore in the UK have the contract to sell this machine, which has had improvements made to it.

The SDX2200D is priced at £599 at the moment and I think it is worth if for the improved mat loading system – just google or YouTube SDX1200 mat feeding problems and you will see why the original series is being discontinued.

There is a reason why I mention the SDX2200D and that’s because I have an e-mail from Geoff Taylor, head of Brother ScanNCut UK explaining that the SDX2200D has a new, improved, mat feed roller system. I will include Geoff Taylors e-mail at the bottom of this post.

The updated mat feed roller system is really IMPORTANT information as thousands of users have had issues with the mats misfeeding on the SDX1200. Brother Germany have said that the SDX1200 has a serious design flaw in the mat feed roller mechanism.


The original SDX range is already starting to be discontinued in the US, just FIFTEEN months after launch – because thousand of users have reported mat feeding problems with the SDX1200 as I said above.

The US has two of the original SDX series with the same internal hardware as our SDX1200 – the SDX125 and the SDX225.

The SDX125 has been DISCONTINUED in the US and is no longer officially for sale.

The CM900 has been DISCONTINUED in Australia and is NO LONGER FOR SALE THERE.…/produc…/all-scanncuts/scanncuts

This was the e-mail from Geoff Taylor. If you want to confirm this information for yourself, please e-mail him direct at

“Hello Ms XXXXX

May I first take this opportunity of thanking you for purchasing the Brother SDX1200.

As with many manufacturers, Brother are constantly developing and improving the products that we make.

The SDX1200 was launched 18 months ago and the SDX2200D more recently in January 2020.

Given the above, I can confirm that as part of our natural product development cycle, there are a number of mechanical and software differences between the two models and the SDX2200D is fitted with a different roller mechanism to the SDX1200.

Kind regards



  1. I purchased a sdx 1200 in 2018have been very pleased with it until this week the machine will not stop unloading I have unplugged it and plugged it back on after 45 minutes and no responce could you possible help me

    • There is a brother scan and cut Facebook group. You can join it. Perhaps someone has encountered the same problem and know how to solve it. Also, contact Brother Europe. It has a Facebook page too. Thanks.

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