Theme- April 2020: The Wait and The Attitude

In achieving our goodly fantasy goals and bringing our castle in the air into reality, our theme for April 2020 is “the wait and the attitude”.

Waiting for your goals to be achieved as you work on them(it) can be daunting. Sometimes, it may feel that the goals cannot come to light. You may feel discouraged, you may want to cancel the goal and just relax or do something that can yield instant result. Your belief may waver.

Your attitude to all these situations is important. Do you quit or do you continue to work on your goal as you wait for its manifestation?

Do you complain of the long wait that is associated with some of your goals or do you look at the long wait as an opportunity?

Make sure that you do a thing daily towards that goal so that when it’s time for the goal’s manifestation the goal will come to light like an overnight success.

What attitude do you exhibit while waiting for your goals to be manifested?

– Murmuring




-Speaking positive words






Remember, you are the one with the goal. You have to work on it and believe in it.

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