Craft Me A Budget: In view of Crafters who have developed stomach curves & need a hairstylist, Crochet Hanky Hem top & Hair Scarf Project 1 of the Craft-Me-A- Budget will soon be available

We are working on our first project for the Craft-Me-A-Budget.

This top is quick to make.

We designed the top and hair scarf for this project for those;

  1. who have developed curves because they can’t distance themselves from the fridge.
  2. Who can’t make or style their hair and need a hair-stylist or hairdresser. You need a scarf to keep that hair tidy before a visit to the salon or when you are visiting the salon.

For this project of craft me a budget, 700gms of double knit yarn in 100% acrylic is needed. 800gms of yarns- Aldi’s So Crafty yarn costs -£8 (British Pounds).

Crochet hook- 3mm- £1

Crochet Tension for the top: 5 stitches per 1 inch, 2 rows per 1 inch (double crochet stitch).

Free pattern:- download in pdf format (it will be available on the blog).

The yarn used in this project is the Paintbox yarn by Robin, Thomas B. Ramsden. The yarn is 100% Acrylic and it has been discontinued. You can substitute the yarn.

In the next few days, we will be making the project and uploading the patterns.

Knitting throughout, crocheting throughout or mixing hand-knitting or machine knitting with crocheting.

Tension for the triangular scarf is not compulsory, so you can start with that.

Triangular scarf measures 18 inches in height by 30Inches in width.

The triangular scarf has been used as a skirty base for the upper part of the top. You can decide on a short sleeve or a long sleeve.

The finished project will be posted on the blog.

You can use any jumper or cardigan pattern that you have for this project. All you need to do is, decrease the length of the jumper. Jumper length should end on the waist and four(4) triangular scarves will be used to make the skirt base of the top.



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