NHS Blue Light Discount: The Battle Continues! Crafter allocates the dictionary meaning of ‘HYPOCRISY’ to Create & Craft TV after Create & Craft TV invalidates its NHS Blue Light Discount from 25% to 10% before the advertised date of July 2020

Crafters are voicing their thoughts on Create and Craft TV’s Facebook page in regards to the NHS Blue Light Discount of 25%  being changed to 10%.

From the screenshot.


I am seeking legal advice re the blue light 25% discount .
You advertised it as a discount offered until July, and yet just days later you rescinded it.
Morally wrong and possibly legally too.
Do not think that this is just going to go away.
You are insulting the very front line workers you clap for on Thursday.
Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary, it states Create and Craft.


This, in fact, happens last Monday funny how everyone got paid last week that it suddenly went down to 10%.

I’ve noticed they’ve stopped advertising that they are supporting NHS Blue Light card too within the shows, now it’s a very subtle just showing the team supporting the NHS. So unfair to all frontline workers who’ve gone to the trouble and expense of getting a blue light card who thought they could buy a few treats to help them with stress.

So shame on you C&C you spent 2 weeks pushing the good deed you were doing to then without warning change it to 10%. And don’t go saying 10% is still a lot as it’s not when you were pushing the 25% off.


I’ve been in touch with the blue light group.
We need more people to lodge complaints and they can then act on our behalf.




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