Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter H is for …

Letter H in machine knitting is for …

Holding Position: This is the act of putting some needles on the knitting machine into a holding position. Note that the knitting machine needles in holding-position can be set to knit or not to knit when the carriage passes over them.

Holding position on the knitting machine is different from the non-working position or out of work position.

Holding position can be used in designing or knitting stitch pattern like tuck stitch.

Holding position can be used in shaping knitwear like armhole, neck shaping, shoulder shaping, flared skirt- sideways-knitting, seaming on the knitting machine, pockets, horizontal darts, scallop edges and many more.

Needles in holding-position for a tuck stitch pattern knitting

Hem: This is the edge of the knitwear and it can be styled as desired. Hem can be ribbed, scallop, rolled,  e-wrap, lacy, i-cord, braided,  and many more.

Hem can be decorative or plain. Hem can be in Fairisle, stripes, tuck-stitch and many more stitch design.

Hem- ribbed
Hem- rolled


Hand knitting: Hand knitting is the act of manipulating yarn to make knitwear using knitting needles.


Halter neck style: This is a clothing style where the neck-style is held at the back of the neck by strap or band.



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