Magazine: Advertise as the first issue produced remotely and the first 100% official reader takeover, June 2020 Practical Photography Magazine on its way to newsstands

June 2020 of the Practical Photography magazine will soon be on newsstands.

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The June issue of Practical Photography is on its way to you!

As the first issue produced remotely and the first 100% official reader takeover, we really hope you enjoy it…

Free gifts
Our special ‘Lockdown edition’ download includes 75 minutes of new camera and editing videos, 30 ‘essential adjustment’ presets, and two huge ebooks.

Your complete guide to shooting amazing astro images
From gear and settings to locations and times, we’ve got all the info you need to shoot star trails, lunar sequences, the Milky Way and more.

Your best photo projects to shoot at home
Four talented readers share their brilliant ideas with us, from paper abstracts to miniature dioramas, and give us an insight into how they were created.

Renowned for his lighting expertise, leading commercial and fashion pro Karl Taylor talks style, teamwork and why variety is indeed the spice of life.

Know your stuff
Our photo experts answer questions about focus modes, flash guide numbers and long-exposure light leaks in this issue’s fascinating reader Q&A.

Flash know-how
The final part of our lighting series looks at advanced flashgun features such as multi-flash mode and high-speed sync and the settings you should be using.

The edit
Take control of colour with RAW, get an edgy glitch effect with Channels, and add text to a scene for typographic art.

We take a look at the nine essential cameras, lenses and accessories for astro, Sony’s A6100 and Fujifilm’s X-A7 go head to head, and we review the five best editing apps for Apple iOS.

Due to overwhelming customer feedback and our commitment to reducing unnecessary packaging, subscription copies of Practical Photography now feature a download link only for access to all multimedia content and not a CD. You’ll find the download URL on page 6 of every issue and all you have to do is enter this URL into your web browser’s address bar (not the search bar) to download your free content.

We hope you enjoy the issue,

Practical Photography editorial team.

If you subscribe to the digital edition, your issue will be in the app and available to download on Thursday 7th May.

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