Theme- May 2020: The Dream and The Vision

The dream and the vision

Bringing the dream and pursuing it so that it becomes the vision can have various obstacle(s) but we will try and achieve them in different ways instead of the actual way we have envisioned.

If your dream is to have a garden or orchard with fruits and flowers in the physical and you can’t achieve them because of finances or different restriction, then…

  • Sketch or draw the type of garden you like to have.
  • Paint or illustrate the scenery you desire that is make painting or illustration of gardens.
  • Make movies or animation about it.
  • Write about it that is make a book on it.
  • Make a three-dimensional miniature model about it- this can be a paper die-cut shape, wooden or plastic building-brick model.
  • Make a talk show about it.
  • Design clothing that reflects the dream.
  • Write blog posts on it.
  • Take pictures of it.
  • Start a magazine about it.
  • Become a planner in that dream you intend achieving.
  • Start a club about it.
  • and many more.

In everything you do, just try to make sure the dream is fulfilled in another way instead of giving up the vision.

Remember, you are the one with the dream and the vision and you can channel it as you desire.