Reminisce of a Crafter: The Craft Designer -Dream Fulfilled – Part 2 #TimeOut

Russell’s story continues…

Derion came to my house, he is a psychiatric doctor. He is a quiet type. He sat adjacent to me on the sofa as we waited patiently for the others to arrive.

I got my pen and sketchbook and I started sketching. From time to time he would take a glance at me and take his drink, as we were discussing, I was sketching. We weren’t watching the movie playing on the television screen. He picked a magazine and flipped through it as I flipped through the third page of my sketchbook to draw a new design.

Can you give me a moment, please… I want to get some coloured pencils.

That’s fine, he said as he took another sip of the warm water.

I returned almost immediately.

The doorbell rang and I heard the voices of the others, Derion opened the door for them.

Kel peeks inside and saw my colouring pencils and sketch-book. oh, I knew it! I knew it!  He said as he took strides through the open door, he is sketching again. Derion, here is your new patient he said as he pointed to me.

The others laughed and simultaneously said … I agree.

Drake gave a little clap as he moved to hit his knuckle on mine( greeting fashion).

Before I could push my sketchbook aside, Drake took it and as I moved my hands to get it, he jumped into the air to make the sketchbook higher for me to reach.

He laughed as he flipped through the pages.

The others laughed too as Kel made for the fridge. He pulled out a bottle of water and placed it on a table. Does anyone want a drink?

“Kel you are drinking water?” Martin questioned.

“I am trying to keep fit,” Kel replied as he winked his eyes and laughed.

Derion smiled from one to the other and as usual, did not speak much. He is a listener.

“We have to get a party started, we brought drinks, sweetcorn on cobs, vegetables, fruits, sliced bread, sauces(spicy, BBQ, Mayonnaise) and some fresh turkey,” Drake said as he beacons us towards the garden.

Derion, will add seasoning to the turkey and let them marinate, Martin will chill the drinks, Kel and  I will get the barbeque spot ready, and prepare the salad and vegetables.

“What will I do then,” I asked.

“Oh, you! We forgot about you,” Martin replied.

The others laughed.

“Well, well, well… what can you really do”,  Drake asked as he made a facial expression of someone that is thinking of something while he placed a finger on his chin.

“Oh, I know! I know! You can sit down and sketch the party. It will make a good design for you and your illustrations”… He laughed cheerfully as the others joined him.

“That’s one for you, I will sketch you with a burnt turkey trying to add sauce to it while the sauce splashes on your best shirt”, I said as everyone moved towards the garden to get the party started while I took my pencils and sketchbook.

To be continued…