Publishing a press release, President of Vogue Knitting clears the misinformation circulating throughout the yarn industry over the past few weeks while stating that Knit Simple Magazine will be closed and Vogue Knitting magazine issues will decrease to two fall issues

Here is a letter from the president of Vogue Knitting giving reasons on the closure of Knit Simple magazine and the decrease of Vogue Knitting Issue to Two Fall Issues.

Read the press release.

A Letter From The President of Vogue Knitting

May 27, 2020

Because there has been an abundance of misinformation circulating throughout the yarn industry over the past few weeks, I would like to share with all of you exactly what is, and is not, happening here at Vogue Knitting.

I needn’t tell any of you that our industry has been in a rationalization mode for many years now, with too many magazines serving too few customers, with too few resources. In addition to the financial situation, we’re now faced with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting our livelihoods, and more importantly, our lives themselves. Even as we try to support our magazines, there is increasingly nowhere to send consumers to buy them.

Because of this, we at SoHo Publishing (parent company of Vogue Knitting and Knit Simple) have made the hard decision to close Knit Simple. We will also be decreasing the frequency of Vogue Knitting to two fall issues at first, and hopefully within the next year, up to three issues. This is where we began almost forty years ago—the brand is too strong and important not to continue.

I also have some exciting news, as a new Vogue Knitting magazine team will be formed and lead by Norah Gaughan as editor-in-chief. Norah needs no introduction—she is the best of the best. An editor, merchandiser, and designer, she has a passion for and true understanding of today’s knitter. I have full confidence that Norah and her newly formed team will create a publication that deeply resonates with our fiber community. I can’t wait to see her impact on the pages of the premier fashion knitting publication in America. I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming her to Vogue Knitting.

Good luck, and may we quickly return back to normal.


Art Joinnides
SoHo Publishing Company, LLC

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  1. What is the excuse for taking people’s money online for books and not sending them? Attempts to reach Vogue Knitting via email and phone have failed. Twice I emailed. Twice a quick response was promised, but no email came. A phone call to Customer Service sent me to voicemail, but the box is full. Are you or are you not in business? Are you going to make good on orders paid for? I thought Vogue had so much more class than this.

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