Crafters Dictionary: Transfer Tool

Our featured post from Crafters Dictionary is the transfer tool.

Definition: This is a tool with a prong or prongs on one end or both ends of the tool that is used in transferring stitches from one needle to another on a knitting machine.

Types of Knitting Machine Transfer Tool

There are different types of transfer tools.

1 by 3 transfer tool: The one-needle prong moves one stitch at a time while the three-needle prongs enable the transferring of three stitches at once.

1 by 2 transfer tool:

2 by 3 transfer tool:

7-needle transfer tool:

Uses of the Transfer tool

  1. Moving stitches for cable knitting.
  2. Transferring stitches when increasing or decreasing stitches, especially in shaping the arm-hole of a garment.
  3. Transferring stitches for fully fashion increase or decrease.
  4. Transferring stitches when casting off the stitches.

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