Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter I is for …

Letter I in machine knitting is for …

Increase or Increasing: This is the process of adding a stitch or stitches to the number of stitches on the knitting machine. Increasing is done to expand the size of a garment or stitches on the knitting machine. Increasing is done for sleeves, flared-styles and many more.

Intarsia: This is a colourwork technique used in knitting multi-coloured projects on the knitting machine.


Intarsia carriage: This is a carriage used on the knitting machine when knitting the intarsia technique. This carriage ensures that the knitwear on the knitting machine does not drop when the intarsia design is being knitted and the carriage passes over the knitwear on the knitting machine.


Interactive knitting: This is the process where the charting software speaks( if the speaker button is activated) or gives written instruction to the knitter in a step by step process or instruction to knit the next row. Example of charting software is DesignAKnit


Instructions: This is the step by step process (written or spoken) to make a knitted garment.



Icord: This is a technique that makes or creates a narrow tube that can be knitted on the knitting machine. When knitting an Icord on the knitting machine, the knit-carriage is set to knit stitches on the first pass and to slip stitches on the next pass.

Icord can be used as a decorative piece or use to decorate knitwear. Icord can also be used as an accessory like a drawstring belt, hair accessories and many more. Icord can be woven to create lovely accessories or handles for a bag, edging knitwear and many more. Icord can be twisted or sewn to form a motif.

Invert: In machine knitting, this is to put a design or style upside down or in the opposite direction. Invert can be used in flipping a design pattern or motif, mirroring a design and many more.


Import: This is mostly found in knitting charting software. This is the act of bringing a design or motif into another design being worked on in the charting software. Stitch pattern can be imported into the knitwear or garment being design in the charting software.


Index: This is an alphabetical list of words in a book or manual. There is an index in machine knitting books, knitting machine manuals- pdf and many more.


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