Crafters Dictionary / Craft Dictionary: Icing Sugar

Our featured post from Crafters Dictionary is the Icing Sugar.

This is a finely ground white refined sugar used in cake decorating. This is also known as confectioner’s sugar.

Powdered sugar is used in cake decorating.

Icing sugar can be used in its powdery form or mixed to create different icing consistency.

Dusted Icing: This is when the powdered icing is dusted or sprinkled over cakes or confectioneries to decorate or sweeten them.

Royal Icing: This is when the icing powder is mixed with the white of a raw egg.

Buttercream Icing: This is when the Icing powder is mixed with butter or fat.

Sugarpaste /Fondant: This is when the icing powder is mixed with liquid glucose to make a thick paste or rolled icing.

Gumpaste / flower paste: This is when the icing sugar is mixed with gum tragacanth to make it mould-able and stretchy for modelling.

Marzipan: Almond paste mixed with icing sugar.

Cream Cheese: Icing Sugar mixed with soft cheese.

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