Textile Company: After receiving positive feedback on the customer community fabric test, Fashion Formula certifies the stay of its new fabric Blossom Muslin Gauze

Fashion Formula has launched a new fabric called Blossom Muslin Gauze.

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NEW FABRIC: Blossom Muslin Gauze 👶🍼🌺

We’ve recently been testing our new Blossom Muslin Gauze fabric and we have had such positive feedback from our customer community!
We are so excited to announce that it is here to stay and has been added to our evergrowing stocked fabric range.

100% Cotton
125cm printable width

EN71-3 Certified safe for Children

Inks used meet requirements of the following accredited standards:
Oeketex Class 1
GOTS 5.0

Perfect for muslin squares, lightweight baby blankets, bibs, breastfeeding covers, swaddles, clothing and so much more!

Muslin Gauze has excellent breathability and air flow with a soft, comfortable feel on the skin.

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