Theme- July 2020- The Trial and The Belief

Our theme for this month of July is “the trial and the belief”.

What beliefs and trials are affecting your goals from coming to fruition?

Different beliefs can affect our goals and this belief can be religious, societal, economic, our fears, and faith.

Many haven’t attained or achieve their goals due to religious, social, economic and personal beliefs.

For example, you desire to be a fashion designer but your religion looks at anyone in the fashion designing sector as people who are promiscuous or will go to hell. You also forget that the clothing you are putting on is designed by a fashion designer.

You also forget that you can design clothes that are not revealing. Therefore, you quit that dream/ goal and regret when you see someone excelling in them in all areas. You see someone maximizing his or her potential in the fashion designing world and excelling with making decent clothing.

Your dream/goal has been in trial with a different belief but you couldn’t excel or emerge triumphantly from the trial.

Some have even misquoted the written phrase “The love of money is the root of all evil” to say “money is the root of all evil”, while they forget that money answers most things.

Some have decided not to achieve because they think it is vanity and forget the parable of the talent.

To bring your castle in the air into reality, your goals or dreams have to go through the trial of belief and when it goes through it will you excel?