Magazine- Movie Making: Packed with information and tests on the latest gear and lots more, the September / October 2020 issue of Pro MovieMaker Magazine is out

The September / October 2020 issue of the Pro MovieMaker Magazine is out.

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Welcome to the latest issue of Pro Moviemaker magazine

It’s showtime! Only, this year it isn’t.

In a ‘normal’ year, lots of the hottest new kit would be unveiled for the first time at some of the big international filmmaking shows like IBC in Amsterdam.

But with the Covid-19 pandemic meaning big public events are cancelled, the best place to see and read about the latest new equipment is in the new issue of Pro Moviemaker magazine.

It’s packed with information and tests on the latest gear, and lots more.


Gearfest 2020!

Don’t let lockdown get in the way of checking out the latest equipment. With everything from a clever app-protected hard drive, to the Sony A7C, the revised range of Samyang cine primes, the Fujinon Premista cine zoom and water-resistant lighting, there is lots of great new kit.

Canon reinvents the hybrid

Take the controls of a mirrorless camera and combine it with cinema camera functionality and you have the new EOS C70, Canon’s latest entry-level powerhouse. With the RF lens mount and the Super 35 sensor from the EOS C300 Mark III, the pint-sized C70 packs a very big punch.

Mirrorless match-up

It’s the showdown of the mirrorless big guns from Canon and Sony. Can the Canon EOS R5’s incredible 8K resolution win against the Sony A7S III? Or does the Sony’s faster frame rates and codec choices give it the upper hand? We try them both and see what’s good…

Lights, sound, lenses!

We have three new sections in Pro Moviemaker focusing on crucial topics: audio, lenses and lighting. In this issue, we look at how to eliminate wind noise from your recordings, investigate the advantages of cine lenses and explore the benefits of soft lighting and how to create it.

Coping with Covid

It’s been a year like no other, with creative industries hit hard. We talk to six filmmaking professionals to see how coronavirus has impacted their businesses, what help they’ve had and how they’ve navigated lockdown. If you want inspiration in these troubled times, it’s a must-read

Mini tests: top filmmaking kit

In this issue, we try out a high-end tripod that’s affordable, a cool new variable ND filter from PolarPro that’s endorsed by a famous YouTuber, the new Rode mic that you should take a good look at if you shoot a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and lots of bags and cases to keep your kit safe.

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