Crafters TV- Craft Games: The Route- Can you help the police with the exact route that Maris took by placing the pictures in the correct order?

Our game for the day is titled “The Route”.

Can you identify the route that Maris took in the correct order?

The tourist, Maris is visiting a new countryside. He went for a walk. As soon as he stepped out of the hotel, he took a photo of the sky, it was cloudy. The receptionist saw him and he told the elderly lady about social media. He helped the lady open accounts on different social media platforms to promote her hotel business. He will be staying at the hotel for three days. He promised to return that evening and will call the hotel if there is any change of plans.

He passed a rose flower by a fence and walked by a bush of Salvia flowers, he did not smell them because someone was looking at him closely. He muttered pretty flowers to himself as he looked at them closely. “These flowers look like hens,” he said aloud as he took a picture of them.

He walked by a park and he saw some magpies on a lawn and then a squirrel running on the lawn. The squirrel was close to the magpie but the magpie did not fly. The sun was shining high and it was a little masked by the clouds as he tries hiding from the sun he saw a park but the park was filled with White Seagulls having white polka dots on their tail feathers.

He went into a shop and the shop owner gave him a knitted blanket, a fabric swatch and some greeting cards by AHudyBery. Close to the shop, there is a large black cherry tree. The base of the tree is interesting to look at and Maris decided that a clip will be appropriate to have.

He went into a shop and bought some radishes, he wants to give the radishes to the elderly lady’s rabbits. “I read that rabbits do like radishes,” he said as the sales clerk packages the radishes for him.

He took a picture of the crowns of two trees which were not too close but due to the perspective, the trees look close.

The last picture he took was of the moon. The moon was in its waning gibbous phase. Maris stepped on some fallen wet leaves and slipped. Maris has fainted on a paving slab that has grasses growing between the slabs.

Maris did not return that night and the elderly lady became worried. She called the police station to report.

The police learned of his social media uploads and decided to follow the route. Can you help the police with the exact route that Maris took by placing the pictures in the correct order?