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Register and join Animation magazine for the animation episode of The Pulse at Epic Games.

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The process of creating animation has traditionally been siloed, where artists don’t see the finished product until it’stoo late to make changes.
With the advent of real-time technology, artists can see final results instantly and tinker, collaborate, and iterate on story.

A faster pipeline leaves more time for storytelling, and opens the door to styles and genres that weren’t possible before. In the latest episode of ‘The Pulse,’ Real-time Animation: Unlocking Story and Style, join Dan Sarto from Animation World Network—together with experts from DNEG Animation, BRON Digital, Chromosphere, and Epic Games—to talk about this new paradigm for animation production and its impact on current and future projects. 

Can’t make the live session? Sign up anyway and they’ll send you a link to the recording.  

Wednesday, September 2912 PM PDT | 3 PM EDT | 8 PM BST


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