Webinar-Gaming: We are bringing the Get in the Game Webinar Series to your university!– Grads In Game

Register and join Grads In Games for its series of Game Webinar.

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We are bringing the Get in the Game Webinar Series to your
If your ambition is to land a job in the games industry as an artist then
make sure you don’t miss out on our free live webinar. Here the Grads in
Games team will help you learn what it really takes to make it into such a
competitive industry.
Your talk will include:
● The award-winning Get in the Game presentation from Grads in Games [30 mins]
o An overview of art roles in the games industry
o The skills games studios look for in graduate artists
o How to build an eye-catching portfolio
o Tips for building a games industry specific CV
o How to network to get a job in the games industry
o What to expect from the interview process
● A presentation from one of our partner studios [30 mins]
Sumo Digital
Fireproof Games
Virtex Stadium
Red Kite Games
Airship Images
Dovetail Games
● Q&A – Your opportunity to ask questions of those in industry about anything game art and getting
a job! [30 mins]
We will be live on October 13th at 14:00 (BST)
Spaces are limited so REGISTER NOW to avoid missing out

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