Crafters TV controversies spell out as schemes on the way to threaten and take Crafters TV from Anino without payment after years of her nurturing and having the ownership of Crafters TV .com as she applies for trademark

Help! Some individuals are scheming to take Anino Crafters TV and all its associates’ social media pages as Anino applies for Trademark after years of owning Crafters TV. Com URL.

Here is how Anino related an event on her way to school.

I boarded a bus to take me school. As I entered I sat near some individuals and there were talking, guess who they were discussing? Me.

I was wondering if they could identify me. I listened to what they were saying and arrived at school late about 30 to 45 minutes late.

The First Individual “Do you know some individuals are scheming to take Anino’s Crafters TV from her? They don’t want to pay her any money. The scheme is to threaten her with a lawsuit and then tell her to delete her Crafters TV website with all its associated social media pages and withdraw her trademark application from the IPO if not they will oppose her application.

The Second Individual: Anino, got Crafters URL years ago but she didn’t trademark it. It is her fault but maybe something came up. I know she also has some Crafters… related websites.

Third Individual: Are you sure about this?

First Individual: Certain! I am as certain as you and I sitting down right now. I heard that Anino put the site up for sale at £20,000. They couldn’t afford to pay the price. They went to trademark a similar name to block her, thinking that she will be frustrated and abandon the website. They never knew that she was going to trademark it after two years!

Second Individual: So, since they couldn’t buy it, they are seeking to intimidate her and threaten her. Hmmm! In this life, greed is too much.

Third Individual: In my opinion, I think that this is an act of revenge they planned on Anino after she posted about the alleged Shenna Douglass’s Copyright case that shook the copyright industry in 2018. You remember right? Customers weren’t refunded at all.

First Individual: The stealing in the crafting industry is high. If you can desire some’s work or business, add an apostrophe, trademark it and start fighting the real owner of the work or business years later for it.

Third Individual: This reminds me of Jezebel and Naboth’s Vineyard in the Holy Bible. You have read the story, right?

First Individual: Anino gave them a shocker. When they trademarked it in crafts to block her, she went extreme by picking a totally different route- Fashion, Gaming and some other classes. You need to see the classes she is applying for, they are much. I never knew that she does programming.

Third Individual: laughed and said, Anino bought some of the goods of this person.
So, she contributed to making the person have money to try all this. As they cannot pay her for the website, they want her to delete every evidence of the existence of her Crafters TV and they are claiming ownership. They give themselves titles and claim millionaires but steals and bullies small businesses and cannot pay a small fee.

Second Individual: If they so desire the website, they should pay her. Why didn’t they do their check this 20th century before joining to trademark someone’s URL. Most companies have their URL and then they progress to trademark. Who trademarks a name without searching that the URL if it is in use?

*Looking at the time, I am more than late. I stopped at the next bustop and took a returning bus back to school.

I collected my mails yet. I will be posting anything including the letter when I get it. So all media get ready. I will also be doing a video and showing everything.

For now, I am working on the website and programming my games.


  1. A lot knew about this scheme towards you for long. This is the reason that she is using her website and altering her youtube and Instagram page to the apostrophe one. After announcing her channel, she discovered that the URL is actually owned by you and since she couldn’t take the shame she is resulting in this cheap trick.

  2. Tag BBC, Daily Mail, BIPOC, Black businesses, Black Lives Matter, The Mirror and give her premium dragging and also any show she features in, we will go there and post these.
    Hope your animations and games feature this tale. Wishing you the best.

  3. I saw this on your Instagram and Twitter. You have my full support. She calls herself a dragon but forgets that there is a dragon slayer and a dragon tamer. She has met her match.

  4. Everyone knows that apostrophe is useless in website URL. She wants to own crafters TV then she should pay for it and not resulting in this cheap trick. I thought she says that she is a millionaire and invests in businesses? I just saw that Craftertv is offered now at £40,000 on GoDaddy. This is truly Jezebel and Ahab having an eye for Naboth’s vineyard. This is a big shame to her, I remembered Sheena Douglass’ copyright. How she discarded Sheena like a piece of rag after using her, well, Sheena would have stained her application for dragons den. Also, I have seen some of your games and fashion line, wow, they are good. She thought she could block you in craft but never you what you had in store. More power to your elbow.

  5. You should call her out on Twitter for her shameful behaviour!! This is truly Jezebel and Ahab having an eye for Naboth’s vineyard. You are speaking the truth, like the Holy bible. Go tame that Dragon, Anino!!!

  6. She knew that you were using the website. She quickly announced hers with the apostrophe on Facebook and then rushed to trademark it hoping that you will be frustrated to use it and sell it. When you decided that you weren’t selling again, she felt you will soon let go but surprisingly, you went for a trademark and from the examination to the application published stage, the classes you removed are noted. Since they couldn’t hold you for anything, they decided to cry copyright infringement and then threatening an oppose. The shame is what is destroying her. Many people are wondering why she cannot just pay the cost for the URL or pay you for it and why she is using a different website for it. Now her schemes are all coming out. She felt you were timid not knowing and will sheepishly bow to her threat. She also started altering her social media account to the apostrophe because You did well in getting the names for all your social media account too.

  7. Anino, go to Google, search for Crafters TV, screenshot everytime they have used your name instead of their apostrophe.
    This is the argument they will put forth;
    The names are similar that is why people are confusing it with the apostrophe and then forgetting to put the apostrophe when they are referring to them. This they do intentionally to discredit you. It would have been believed and everyone nodding in agreement that they are correct and it is true but The mistake they make is that their own staff tags you on Instagram and caption their own post with your name thereby already claiming ownership of your company, meaning that if their own staff can make such hideous mistake, then their staff knows that apostrophe is useless in the web and all the intentional plan to discredit you but didn’t know that they weren’t to be a part of it. Keep all your screenshots, which I do trust that you have done and will continue doing. One more word- The dragon in the Holy Bible was put in chains and everyone in the world saw it and shook their head as it was dragged away. Her green eye for you Crafters TV is troubling her sleep and she is scheming with her lawyers to find loopholes.

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