Update on Crafters Tv Trademark controversies: The rumours are true! They want Anino to delete evidence of owning Crafters TV .com or they will oppose her trademark application- See the letters

In the previous post here, I stated that on my way to school, I overheard some conversation about me on the bus.

Link: https://aninoogunjobi.com/2021/10/crafters-tv-controversies-spell-out-as-schemes-on-the-way-to-threaten-and-take-crafters-tv-from-anino-without-payment-after-years-of-her-nurturing-and-having-the-ownership-of-crafters-tv-com-as-she-a/

Since I haven’t collected my mail, I decided to share the conversation I heard due to my Trademark Application for Crafter TV with the website- https://crafterstv.com/

I have read through and underlined some details.

First, they are accusing me of infringement. Hmm! Those post has been there and if they did their search, they will know that it is a shared post from my Anino TV. My website has been attacked and I had to repost everything to keep evidence of the website running and being in use.

Secondly, you will note that they are threatening me with opposing my Trademark application if I don’t delete and withdraw my application from the UK’s IPO.

If you notice all our social media handles have Crafters TV on them.

I have other websites Crafters TV, Craft Dictionary, Crafters Dictionary and more.

I cannot write much now but will write and do a detailed video of my proof of owning the Crafters TV URL and how I offered it for sale in 2020 and did not sell again.

For, now, I will have to edit the Crafters TV website to reflect the classes that my application is seeking the trademark for and past uploads will be invisible.


  1. She knew that you were using the website. She quickly announced hers with the apostrophe on Facebook and then rushed to trademark it hoping that you will be frustrated to use it and sell it. When you decided that you weren’t selling again, she felt you will soon let go but surprisingly, you went for a trademark and from the examination to the application published stage, the classes you removed are noted. Since they couldn’t hold you for anything, they decided to cry copyright infringement and then threatening an oppose. The shame is what is destroying her. Many people are wondering why she cannot just pay the cost for the URL or pay you for it and why she is using a different website for it. Now her schemes are all coming out. She felt you were timid not knowing and will sheepishly bow to her threat. She also started altering her social media account to the apostrophe because You did well in getting the names for all your social media account too.

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