As Crafters TV Trademark War and Anino receives another ‘NastyGram’, She prepares more evidence as she sets to put all out to the media houses and more- A sneak peek at some evidence more to come in videos

Here is another update from the Crafters TV Trademark war…

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Anino has received another letter and she is being told that the other Crafter’s TV started being promoted from July 2019 before she(Anino) bought her Crafters TV on 27th August 2019.

Taking a look at the first poster, this was posted on the 27th of August 2019 when I bought . One more thing to note, take a look at the title, my name – Crafters TV is used instead… How can you be introducing your company and then use another person’s business name? Makes a rumour I heard to be fact now…

*Rushing to announce and trademark another person’s company name and now telling the person to delete her business and get another name? Take a look at UK IPO “threaders” and “Gemini”, when you search threaders, another company with “Threader” appears. Notice that she only added the letter “S”. Now take a look at how the apostrophe is being added to my business Crafters TV to trademark it. You will notice that this is a pattern with her.

The second picture states the 1st September 2019 as the launch date. How can you launch a name or announce the use of a name without proper investigation if it is already in use? Something fishy!

Well, Youtube videos, Facebook posts and more reveal the truth that it is a lie Crafter’s TV was started in July 2019. I also have proof of the Email announcement. I have video recorded everything page by page(internet with header and URL) on a 4k monitor screen and made sure the fonts were enlarged and clear so that no one can accuse me of doctoring any video.

It would have been believed that she started before me if she had said the exact date that I bought the URL as well as when she started. Lying with her date has given me the other proof.

One more thing, I have always hidden my programming so anyone who saw the website would have seen only craft activities, now that I am trademarking, I revealed my true purpose of purchasing the Crafters TV URL which is my fashion designer skills, gaming/ programming vision, animation, and more.

Taking a look at my trademark, you will notice those creative sectors.

*This is just the iceberg of the evidence…

Thank you.

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See my Crafters TV on its poster- who introduces their business with another person’s business name?