Magazine-Gaming: PC Gamer Issue 364, Christmas 2021 in more than a world of ‘riot games’

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The latest issue of PC Gamer should be arriving with you very soon – so we thought we’d get in touch to let you know what you’ll find inside!

This month we’ve delved into the world of Riot Games – whether you’re into League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, or the studio’s revolutionary new TV show Arcane, we’ve got juicy interviews for you. In fact, we’ve talked to developers across every Riot game, and even the people that brought you K/DA, to explore the future of perhaps the most wildly ambitious studio in PC gaming.

Over in previews, we’ve enjoyed a behind-closed-doors demo of two of Total War: Warhammer III’s new factions: the harmonious army of Cathay, and the betentacled horde of Tzeentch. As celestial dragons and gigantic terracotta warriors clash with magic-slinging daemons and mutated monstrosities, we can’t help but be wowed by the spectacle this new sequel has to offer – and we’ve got all the details in our in-depth four-page preview.

Windows 11 – should you install it? Or are you better off waiting? We’ve done the research and run the benchmarks so you don’t have to, exploring every new feature and its possible effects on your PC gaming. Our definitive verdict contains everything you need to know, with the hard data to back it up!

All that, plus we’ve played an absolutely absurd amount of New World for our final review; explored all the new content in Baldur’s Gate III; tested and ranked the six best gaming headsets you can buy; and loads more.

Enjoy your issue!

Robin Valentine
Editor, PC Gamer