New Month: Cherishing each moment with the ‘Treasures of our Heart’, We Welcome You to December 2021

Happy New Month to you!

It is the twelfth month of the year and we just want to say welcome to this month of December.

Merry Christmas in advance.

Our theme for this month is “Treasures of our Heart”.

Hope you have planted your Spring bulbs in readiness for the SpringTime. I planted some species of Magnolia and do hope they will bloom during the Spring Season.

This month we have a printable of games by Crafters Media for you to download, print and play during the festive period, look out for it!

This month we will share some screenshots of the Crafters Empire Solitaire and pairing Greeting Card game that we are currently working on.

Craft Dictionary / Crafters Dictionary terms will continue and we are working on more videos for the demonstration of the products as we explain the meaning. However, we are currently working on hand knitting, crocheting, and machine knitting stitch patterns as well as videos demonstrating various painting techniques(physical and digital).

Good news! I know that we stopped the 12 Crafts of Cardmaking but this time we are bringing it back as we work on the 12 crafts of cardmaking game.

Crafters Media 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting the technique of Stockinet used as an embellishment design (machine knitting the knitwear (neck scarf)) video will soon be available on Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube. The pattern will be available soon and a link will be on the blog and the video description on YouTube. Note that the designing process of the knitwear using a charting software- DesignAKnit is now on Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube.

Anino’s craft game titled ‘Athena- The Craft Goddess’ is now available to download and play on

Cirrus-ly Cloudy game is now available to download on

My Mind’s Eye game is now available to download on


We hope that this month is great for you.

We will try and keep you entertained.

Happy New Month, once again.

Happy New Month, once again.

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