Game Programming- Books: Game Programming for Artists by Jarryd Huntley, Hanna Brady

Our featured book is titled Game Programming for Artists by Jarryd Huntley, Hanna Brady.

This book really added to my dedication to game programming. When I started learning game programming, I was so terrified of programming that I wanted to quit but decided to struggle and maybe, I may start understanding this language.

I started reading this book and then my willingness to continue the course increased. I asked my course lecturers for help when I got stuck or couldn’t understand what some codes were. I have progressed in the art of games programming even though I am still a little scared of it.

About the book

Game Programming for Artists provides a foundation for artists and creatives to jumpstart learning to program their own games. It is an accessible and conversational guide focused on three areas: basic programming, understanding game engines, and practical code for commonly employed game systems. The best way to get into games is to make one, and this book will help artists do that!

Key Features:

*A guide for artists and creatives beginning game programming, providing the foundation to start coding games.

  • An introduction to C# and Unity, along with a holistic look at how programming languages and gameee engines work.
  • AQ selection of “code recipes” to explore more complex programming concepts, and provide insight into the programming behind game design.
  • *A foundation in common programming vocabulary and concepts to help artist work together with programmers.

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