Gaming Meme: Course lecturer versus me trying to make butterfly wings flutter

Ok! After following one of my lecturer’s demonstrations, I tried to make my butterfly wings flutter, you can see the result in the gif below. Please, laugh silently.

Then, I went back and he explained again and again and again using shapes and creating the fluttering effect then I created a butterfly and said to him, mine is not working, use my butterfly motif and let me see if it will work like yours? Voila, it did! Wings flutter well regardless of butterflies direction.

A game was derived! A tale came true and the game’s title became “Flutter Tale”. Now, I know how to flutter wings and also ask for help when I am stuck or have coding or programming errors.


  1. I laughed alot. The first butterfly is 🤣😂. Nice meme and I noticed you are using your game Flutter Tale for the meme. Is the story true? I played your Athena the Craft Goddess game on itch. I will download the cirrusly cloudy and My mind’s eye. I also printed the finding object 4-in-1 game. I am looking forward to the parables of Jesus Christ game. May I suggest that since the parables are much can you just do I and release then release others- one after the other as packages so that start enjoying gospel games. I know you are very busy. The Almighty God and everything He has made favour, protect, direct your path, work, walk, guard and bless you in Jesus Christ name. Thanks.

    • Tricia, Hahhahhhaahahaa. The story is true. You are welcome.
      Regarding the parables of Jesus Christ game, we are working exactly as you suggested. It seems the heavens have revealed it to you. Amen and thank you. the Almighty God bless you too in Jesus Christ name.

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