New Year! It’s 2022

Happy New Year to you!

Welcome to the year 2022.

This year we will be discussing different opportunities in the creative sectors as we look into the future of the creative sector.

Our theme for this year is “Stratosphere with the Creative Sector”.

We will also be featuring more designers as we collate creative business for Crafters Inventory.

Crafters TV and this blog will continue as one and it will be our news channel and games channel. Crafters TV and Anino TV YouTube channel have been merged to create room for something special.

Crafters Dictionary / Crafters Dictionary will continue and if you have a video to depict the meaning of a featured product, you can send us the link, as usual credit will be given. We work together to build this community. Crafters Dictionary is also working on some new videos and we will start with knitting stitch patterns.

Our crafting tales of short stories titled “Reminisce of a crafter” will continue.

We also want to say thank you for stopping at the blog, we appreciate you.

We wish you the best this year!

We celebrate you!


  1. Bring back the baking! Also, what is the situation with the lawsuit? I’ve been following the story for months, and I hope the best for your goodly goals.

    • Hello Bob Marmalade,
      The baking will be back.
      Regarding the lawsuit, It was a form TM7A, they filed with the UK’s IPO (notification of threatening opposition) not a formal or official filing. They were just making trouble and think that I don’t know the law or have a lawyer. I didn’t hear from them again. My last reply to them was that I don’t have time for a long talk and they should make their move and I will submit my evidence to the appropriate authority when it is time and that I started Crafters TV before they went to trademark my business name and adding an apostrophe to it. Also, on the blog, I posted a hint of evidence where they announced their Crafter’s TV but used my name in their title and also revealed that the announcement was made on the same day that my Crafters TV URL was bought. I also thanked them for handing me the evidence because if they didn’t lie in their letter to me that they started Crafter’s TV in July 2019 and stated too in that letter that my Crafters TV was bought on 27th August 2019, I won’t have gotten the evidence of the advertisement tag where they used my business name to announce their Crafter’s TV and also stated that they are starting on the 1st of September and the email they sent on 27th August 2019 to announce Crafter’s TV. Here is the post that I made Link( I then decided days after to withdraw my application to let peace reign and focus on greater opportunity and a new name which I bought the domain and also have applied for a trademark. I am still using my Crafters TV ( and haven’t applied for the USA trademark yet or posted more evidence, especially the one when I was contacted in early 2020 when they went to apply for a trademark in the USA. I was contacted for my domain to be bought but I turned down the offer which would have been a shocker to everyone. If they write to me again, I will put all evidence out both videos and written. Also, their first letter to me wanting me to delete evidence of my ownership of the website revealed they wanted to use “reverse back domain hijacking” to steal my domain since they knew that it was going o expire soon and I hadn’t renewed as at then.
      Thank you for your goodly wishes. I wish you the best.

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