Chronicling its merging progress, The Craft Store updates customers of its official merging schedule and location taking place on 25th February 2022

The Craft Store has updated customers in regards to its location and official merging show taking place on 25th of February 2022.

From the screenshot

From midnight tonight we will officially all be under one roof here in the little town of Oundle 🏡

As we settle in please be aware that on the morning of the 25th we may experience some technical difficulties on Sky & Freesat as we switch to HD. 🥰

To give our audience a variety of options and ensure we continue to provide endless inspiration we will continue LIVE broadcasting on Sky 673 and Freesat 817 starting from 11am tomorrow with Nigel & Dawn. This means as well as the Create & Craft channels shown below you will also have the extra choice of additional live shows over on Sky 673 and Freesat 817 🎉

Please join us on our new adventure as we kick it off with a Facebook live with Adam Humphrey at 10:30am tomorrow 👉

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