Crafters TV: ‘Get Well Soon’ Greeting Card for February 2022

Today’s greeting card from Crafters TV (#CraftersTV) is to everyone who is ill this month.

We wish you good health.

Please, take great care of yourself, your health and get well soon.

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  1. Hi Anino! This is Crafter’s TV right? I was looking for it and came upon this, now I am confusion. Are you working with Sara Davies in any way at all? Your content seems SO similar to me.

    I do love me Sara Davies, especially since she was on Dragon’s Den, if you aren’t already collaborating, you should reach out to her and ask for her to join you or just to do crafting with you!

    • Hello Karen Ibojnugo,
      This is Crafters TV ( without an apostrophe. I have no affiliation with Sara Davies. I design games and fashion clothing. Thank you.

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