Documenting with video proof and link of the original artist, Crafters United debunk claim made by Stephanie Weightman on Create and Craft TV

The video below is from a craft demonstration on Create and Craft TV where Stephanie Weightman allegedly claimed that the paintings were taken from holidays and so on. Using a link to the original artist of the images, it has been proven by Crafters United that the images are stock images.

Below is the comment by the presenter Janice in reply to the video.

Hello everyone, I would never lie. This is very upsetting to be accused of lying. I was simply asking Steph about the pictures after chatting on a previous show regarding taking pictures and using them as inspiration. If I got that wrong then that’s my fault and apologies if it seemed that way. It was a question in a statement.

Below is the comment by Crafters United in reply to the video on YouTube…

I do not believe Janice’s reply to me that she was NOT making a statement but was in fact asking Steph a question. It was a statement, it was not a mistake it was a deliberate attempt to lead us all into a story, as Janice said herself.

I do not believe Janice had a choice, she was probably told what to say by Steph and also what Steph would say in reply to her. It was agreed before the show.

I am sad that Janice did not stand up to Steph and say, as a photographer myself Steph I can see that these are watercolour paintings, not photos, I also know about stock image websites and the quantity of artwork you use is huge so I cant believe these are from some snaps you took on holiday.

They are NOT photos, they are watercolour Paintings. Are we expected to believe that Steph has taken well over 200 photos all over the world but mostly Europe and then sat down and painted everyone as a watercolour painting then scanned them into her computer to convert them into digital images!

The whole episode is so bizarre. It’s the level of intelligence these salespeople think we have, all so stupid as to believe any story they tell us. I have looked closely at all the images and I have never seen software so good as to make a photo turn into such a quality watercolour painting, therefore I stand by research and can prove that these 8 images are in fact paintings. Steph and her team simply purchased them from the internet.

The original Artist of the watercolour paintings that Steph used is Eve Mazur ART Here is a link to her Facebook page where you can click on her photos and see all the ones Steph used. I believe the original artist should be credited with creating the images, not Steph.

Here is a link to Eve Mazur ART website where you can see her beautiful artwork.


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