Digital Device: Dell Alienware Wireless/Wired Mouse versus Dell Alienware Wireless Mouse

Today, we will take a look at the Dell Alienware 610M Wireless/Wired Mouse versus Dell Alienware 310M Wireless Mouse.

After testing both, I will say go for the 610M wired/ wireless version because you can decide to turn the mouse into a wired version if you desire or a wireless version as your choosing.

Also, the wired/ wireless version does not use a battery even if you desire to switch it to wireless but the Dell Alienware 310MWireless Mouse which is an only wireless version uses a battery.

Both versions of the mouse come with a dongle for wireless activation of each mouse.

You don’t need a battery or batteries to operate the 610M wired/ wireless mouse. The accompanying clip enables USB attachment.

The Dell Alienware 610M Wireless/Wired Mouse has an accessory to aid smaller USB or normal USB input.

*I will try and do a video demonstration on both comparisons for ease of understanding.

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