Creative/ Live Gaming: Feathery Stroke Topper #Game1 #CraftersEngagement

We are trying to use craft items in our possession to create artwork and we must follow a set of rules to release and maximize creativity thereby manifesting the crafter in us.

Here is mine for today, is a Feathery Stroke Topper.

Following the rules:

1- Choose a Creative Sector: I choose Digital Art.

2- Choose Three craft items: I picked a graphics tablet, colour palette and Digital Brush “Real Fan Short”.

3- Hair or Eye Colour: I picked the hair colour, grey.

4- Two other colours- Indigo blue and Orange.

5- No flowers or leaves so I made brush strokes.

6- Story or Phrase: Feathery Strokes

7- Geometric Shape: Square

8- Use a piece of equipment that has not been used for a long time: Corel Painter 2016

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