Crafters Chaos: Anino challenges herself in making lotuses scenic animation in Clip Studio Paint EX

As I (Anino) continue illustrating the fairyland in my upcoming children’s book, I decided to play around with Clip Studio Paint EX and make an animation using some artwork.

The floating lily pad advances into a bloom and then glows, as it tries to manoeuvre the waves.

You will notice the ripples under the stationary lotus.

I am glad I can do this quick animation, but it took me days because it has been years since I tried animating in Clip Studio Paint.

Framerate is 8 Frame Per Second- I had to slow it down.

Funnily, I can programme this scenery faster as a game than making it as an animation… (laughing).

Did you notice the clouds?

The animation may not be smooth in transition but I will keep playing and see what I can make.

I will also use Webanimator4 from time to time just to see what I can make.

Until then,

Is it Splendid or Chaotic?

Happy Animating!