Nigel May sets to leap into the “unknown” as he prepares to leave Create and Craft TV after 29th June, 2023

According to a post by Nigel May on his Facebook page, he is leaving Create and Craft TV on the 29th of June 2023.

From the screenshot

Hi there everybody. I have some news to share. I’m leaving Create & Craft TV. It has been a job that I have loved for 18 years and I have adored every minute of it, made some fabulous friends and learnt so much about the beautifully colourful and sparkly world of cardstock and glitter. It’s not been an easy decision to make and I am sure I will be in big blubbery bits on my last show (9pm on Thursday 29th June) but I know I am making the right choice. Changing shift lengths and new introductions to my work life have meant that I will potentially be spending more time away from my home in Brighton than ever before and that is simply not something that I want to do. I love my job, but I love my family more. After I finish on June 29th I am taking the summer off to spend time with my incredible hubbie Al, my adorable grandkids and my beautiful family. After that we’ll see where the wind blows. I’m not retiring (hell, no!) but it will be lovely to not be constantly packing and unpacking suitcases and spending my life on the M25 queueing for the Dartford Bridge. I shall miss my on-air TV life like crazy but for now I need to change my work/life balance for the better. I’m excited and sad and gutted and proud all in equal measure. Sometimes you just have to do what feels right for you and leap into the unknown. Like I say, I want to keep working so any jobs out there that you hear of, hit me up! There’s so much more that I want to achieve in life. Thank you to everyone who has made my crafty life such a joy (I’ve tried to fit as many people as possible on the pic here – but if you’re not there forgive me!). I’m back in work on Tuesday/Weds/Thursday this week (it’s the Create And Craft Christmas event) so let’s make sure it’s a festive and fabulous one filled with glittery goodness! Big crafty love, Nigel xx