Happy New Month! Navigating towards various celebrations, Crafters Media welcomes the Creative Industry to the Month of July 2023

It is a new month! The sixth month of the year 2023. It is the month of July!

Welcome to July 2023.

Depending on your location in the world, you will be experiencing spring, rainy season or summer.

This month has some celebrations, including Canada Day on the 1st, the USA Independence Day on the 4th, and the University of The Arts, London(UAL) graduation ceremony.

Other events include World Chess Day on the 20th and Chocolate Day on the 7th of July.

We have some video tutorials on 12 Crafts of Machine Knitting coming to our YouTube channels – Crafters Media, and AninoOgunjobi TV. We have just finished another video “12 Crafts of Machine Knitting the Technique of Stockinet or garter stitch used as a background design”. Some videos still need editing and they will be available soon.

To inspire you into more creative challenges, the “Game 3” prompt will soon be out and it will also be included in the game titled “The Refinery of Colours” which is on Itch.io (https://craftersempire.itch.io/).

We will be revisiting the “Toys ” section and we have projects to make which include clothes to sew, machine knit, hand-knit and crochet. This will enable you to create some clothing for dolls.

Anino is already working on her book titled “Interweaving Games in Various Crafts” and she will be doing some video demonstrations too.

There are lots of things happening in the Creative Industry and we will try to keep you informed.

Animation clips will be on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages while a combination will be on our YouTube channels and the links will be on the blog.

I won’t say everything we have laid out. I will allow them to unfold in due time.

Enjoy the month, and be inspired by the things around you.

Once again, Happy New Month!